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Bring a Neighbor

William Knuff  | Published on 6/23/2019

You may have seen a recent email to all members announcing a ride share initiative called Bring a Neighbor.  While we are always looking to grow the number of members willing to provide rides, this message is directed specifically at those of us who are currently volunteer drivers for Groton Neighbors.  Bring a Neighbor is a ride offer to other Groton Neighbors members  initiated by you…a volunteer driver.


If your experience is like mine, providing the occasional ride to a fellow member has been a surprisingly enriching and enjoyable experience on several levels.  Foremost among them is the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some new and very interesting people who are members of Groton Neighbors.  The whole idea of helping a neighbor just feels good.


When a member requests a ride, they are most often obligations…medical appointments, grocery shopping, errands, etc.  These trips are typically not optional…not social in nature.  Bring a Neighbor is an opportunity for you – a volunteer driver – to offer a ride to a fellow Groton Neighbor member that is not an obligatory trip but rather more of a social outing.  Examples include a trip to the mall, to a movie, to a museum, to a park, to vote.  The options are endless but the common theme is the same: they are all optional and primarily social outings.  Since you as a volunteer driver are initiating the ride offer, Bring a Neighbor also has the benefit of aligning perfectly with your schedule.


If you have been thinking about ways to become more active as a Groton Neighbors volunteer, Bring a Neighbor may provide the answer without compromise to your busy schedule.  If you would like to learn more about Bring a Neighbor, I urge you to call our office or email us and one of our capable Office Staff will be happy to explain.


It is my hope that this first step will open the door to many enjoyable and enriching experiences that embody the spirit of being a Groton Neighbor.


Thank you for all you do.



William Knuff

Operations Chair

Groton Neighbors



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