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Our Story


Groton Neighbors is a non-profit member services organization based on the custom of neighbor helping neighbor.  Our mission is to help each other sustain independent lives at home and stay connected in our community.


As we age it becomes harder to do small things around the house.  We may no longer be able to drive.  Yet remaining in our homes can be critical to sustaining a high quality of life. Groton Neighbors helps us to remain in our homes as we age by providing members with personal services such as transportation, assistance doing home handyman/light yard work, and technical support.


A sense of community makes us feel connected to the place we call home.  Groton Neighbors fosters connection by creating a framework allowing members to share common interests through member-initiated activities as well as events sponsored by Groton Neighbors or other area organizations.  

Groton Neighbors is part of a national Village-to-Village Network
 whose aim is to support "village" organizations like ours.  The need for "villages" such as Groton Neighbors is growing as our population ages.  There are now some 200 villages operating nationwide, including several in Massachusetts.  With still more in the planning stages our numbers are constantly growing.  Each Village is unique to its area and resources.


Groton Neighbors has no paid staff and no central office.  We use modern collaborative software technology to create a "virtual office".  This enables us to keep membership costs low and subsidize membership where there is a need.  Our members simply call a single phone number to reach our volunteer staff and request a service.  Our website facilitates organizing and participating in local area activities and events created by our members or others.  We invite you to explore our website for more information about services, our grass roots community, volunteer opportunities, and on becoming a member.

Groton Neighbors launched in early 2017 and is now serving residents of the Town of Groton, Massachusetts.  We hope you will consider becoming part of this exciting  community enterprise.