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The Office is Virtual. But the staff is very real, friendly, connected

Bob Lotz  | Published on 12/4/2019

As our members know, we can request a service through Groton Neighbors by calling our office  (978-272-0123).  A trained office staff member matches the member’s request with a service that another member has offered to provide.

The Operations Team, which includes the office staff, gathered on November 25, as we do a couple times per year.  Each time is a mix of informal relaxing together and a working meeting led by Operations Chair Bill Knuff.



In addition to enjoying off-duty time together at these gatherings we staffers share tips and identify any issues that need attention. Bill provides updates on organization changes, technical upgrades to the web program, phone link, and enhancements to our procedures.  





Between these very enjoyable gatherings, Ops Team members support each other covering office shifts and performing other important tasks that help keep Groton Neighbors humming.
Office Staff shifts normally occur every two weeks. We swap shift days when needed and share suggestions and ideas for the best ways to do things. Each of us alerts the shift that follows ours about anything needing attention.  It’s fair to say that we enjoy not only our roles in arranging services for members, but also our connections with each other. 

Office Staff Team members are Camilla Blackman, Dick Bettencourt, Jan Cochran (on leave for a year), John Giger, Carole Greenfield, Linda Jordan, Bill Knuff, Bob Lotz, Terri Ragot, Beverly Smith, and Iris Staub. 

We are joined at these meetings by John Sopka and Judy Anderson who play key roles in support of their fellow Operations Team members.

Photos - Bob Lotz